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Why Simply Still Spa

We welcome you to rest, relax and renew your body at Simply Still Spa.  Massage offers many different healing properties for our bodies. Our quiet space will allow your mind to shut off from the world and escape from your day. Techniques practiced here can relieve aches and pains due to sore, tired and tight muscles. 


Massage can help lower your stress level helping to improve vital signs and increase your immune system. Along with lowering your stress level, massage can help reduce or improve depression and anxiety. After a massage, you will feel rested and see an improvement in your sleeping patterns. 


Our patients see an increase in energy and concentration after a session. Simply Still Spa can bring back a sense of completeness to your body by balancing the energy field and aligning your chakras. We strive to make every experience from the moment you walk in the door until the time you are leaving all about you and your mind, body, and soul.



Soul-good massage

Ever feel like you need a little more than just muscle work?  Do you feel "off" or you are floating in the clouds? Massage, CranioSacral Therapy and Energy work is blended to help you feel complete and grounded.


CranioSacral therapy for Kids

Babies and Kids deserve to release all of the tension and restrictions from birth, growth spurts, trips, slips and falls and everyday life. Help your child sleep better, eat better and feel better.


Therapeutic massage

We blend sports, trigger point, deep tissue and Swedish modalities to help your body heal.


Massage with face cleanse

A little extra pampering for your face during your massage.



Need to rest, recharge and help your muscles? Choose this option!



Essential Oils are added to enhance your massage experience.


CranioSacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy uses a gentle approach to release restrictions in soft tissue that surround the Central Nervous System.


Pregnancy massage

Specially designed cushions are used to help heal and relax your tired muscles during your journey through pregnancy.

Plant Shadow


The massage therapists at Simply Still Spa are the best! The atmosphere is so relaxing and welcoming. All 3 of the massage therapists are very talented! They ask you if you have health concerns and what you'd like them to focus on.  My massage therapist, Shannan, does deep tissue massage yet it's in a relaxing way. I always feel so much better, physically and emotionally, after my massage! I would highly recommend scheduling a massage at Simply Still Spa!

Dr. Emily  / Chiropractor

I have been a client of Simply Still Spa since I moved to Hastings over 4 years ago. Mindy and her team have done a beautiful job to create a space that is welcoming and healing. Mindy has a passion to help people find their true self, along with connecting their body with the pieces that encompass whole health. The mind, body, spirit connection is well and alive in her business. From the services she offers, to the other therapists she has on her team, they offer the ultimate experience and care for every client they serve. As a professional woman and mom/bonus mom, I know that self care is very important. Incorporating regular massage is vital to my wellbeing and I love that I have found a wonderful place to count on most when I need to take care of myself. I trust Mindy and her team, and enjoy relaxing in the beautiful and soothing environment they have created.

Melissa  / IT specialist

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